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Wiki Engines


Elsie is a wiki engine written in Java. It supports most popular wiki features including wiki markup syntax, content management (view, edit, attachment..), version control (history, diff, revert..), access control list, etc. Elsie implements an IoC-based wiki kernel, which loads service providers and wiki action plug-ins dynamically during runtime. Elsie also offers a clearly-defined, servlet-independent wiki API set via which a wiki may be extended and customized easily.



This is a Java based wiki. It is a web-app using Butor Java Framework and struts MVC framework. ButorWiki use a filesystem folders and files to store everything. No database are needed.



The Bliki engine is a Java API and an Eclipse offline editor for Mediawiki (aka documents. API features:

 * Renders Wikipedia syntax to HTML.
 * Renders Wikipedia syntax to PDF, LaTeX, Docbook (only partial support).
 * Template support.
 * Configurable through WikiModel interface.
 * HTML to Wikipedia syntax converter.
 * Source code highligthing for: java, php, html, javascript,... Eclipse editor features:
 * Syntax highlighting.
 * Content outline and content assist.
 * Down-/upload articles from a wiki server.
 * HTML preview.



A WikiWiki web clone written using JSPs and Servlets



 * Full support of the JBoss Portal 2.0 security constructs to allow users and roles to be associated with editing and display of wiki pages and attachments within the context of a JSR 168 compliant portal.
 * Full support of wiki page histories and rollback.
 * An integrated DIFF tool.
 * A Plugin framework which allows different wiki types to be defined and associated with different plugin stacks which add contextual content to wiki pages or do translations.
 * Full support for attachments (attachment histories are pending).
 * Currently supports the JSPWiki wikitext syntax.
 * Includes a prototype search engine.
 * Simple URL support even while running within JBoss Portal so users can access wikipages by the URL pattern: http://host/wiki/PageName



UseModj is a Java based Wiki Clone, using Struts Framework, Velocity Layout, log4j. It's goal is to be the same functional and file database as UseMod wiki, but is deployed by dropping a single war file into Tomcat or JBoss Server and support korean.



yawiki - yet another wiki



Friki is a Java Wiki. It is simple to deploy (just drop in to any modern servlet container), very small (the full application war file is just 67k !) and easy to customise after deployment. Supports the classic wiki markup and a few common extensions.

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