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StoryTestIQ (a.k.a. 'STIQ') is a tool for creating "Executable Requirements" which have also been known as acceptance tests or functional tests. STIQ was developed based on two other open source acceptance testing tools, Selenium and FitNesse. This combination allowed STIQ to capture the web browser based testing facilities and elegant command language of Selenium along with the wiki-based editing and pluggable Fit fixture loading of FitNesse. When developing web applications it is helpful for the cross-functional team to have a definitive and executable view of the requirements for a specified iteration. STIQ may be used to record what the team's customer needs and get sign off before developing even a single line of code. Most of the test cases which are recorded will be failing. It is the responsibility of the team to implement the requirements in order to make the test cases pass. These practices are based in the tradition of Test-Driven Development. STIQ may also be used in traditional development teams to create acceptance and functional tests. They may be used to supplement the team's unit tests with a Test-Driven Development approach or even to automate existing manual test cases.