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TestGen is a collection of open-source tools that automatically generates unit test cases. The first released component of TestGen is TestGen4J. TestGen4J automatically generates test cases from your own Java class files, or source files. Its primary focus is to exercise boundary value testing of the arguments passed to the method. It uses a rules engine, with a user-configurable XML file, that defines boundary conditions for the data types. The test code is separated from test data with the help of JTestCase. The test code is generated in a hierarchical manner. A main test suite is generated which invokes test suites of individual classes. The individual class test suite is formed by collection of test methods of that class. The test data is also organized hierarchically, corresponding to the structure of the test code, in XML format. This XML file actually has data for all unit test cases for each method. JTestCase helps to loop through all the test cases of each method and executing one by one against JUnit.