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QuantumDB is a simple but powerful database access plug-in for the Eclipse Development Platform. QuantumDB allows you to:

 * connect to databases using standard JDBC drivers
 * review schemas, tables, views and sequences
 * look up column, index and foreign key information
 * issue ad-hoc queries or other SQL statements against the database
 * manage, edit, and work with SQL files (
 * issue updates, deletes, and inserts using simple, easy-to-use wizards QuantumDB works with any JDBC-complaint database, including:
 * Adabas
 * DB2
 * DB2 on AS400
 * Informix
 * MySQL
 * Oracle
 * Pointbase
 * PostgreSQL
 * Sybase The QuantumDB developers regularly use a wide variety of database products as they add new features to the plugin.