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RSSLib4J is a set of Java API to parse and retrive information from a RSS Feed.

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Feedzeo is a RSS/RDF/Atom feed aggregator cum reader. It includes a backend Server which aggregates the feeds and an AJAX based Web client to access the feeds. Feedzeo Server is written in Java, while client is written in HTML/javascript.

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It is a Java/Swing RSS NewsFeed Reader

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RSSLibJ is a Java class library designed primarily to generate RSS data in various formats, based on a simple object model.

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Yarfraw is an open source API library for working with RSS feed. It offers an unified data model in builder style to help developers to build and to read RSS feeds. The API now fully supports RSS 2.0, Rss/RDF 1.0, and Atom 1.0 feeds. There is no directly builder support for RSS 0.9x, but the API is able to read RSS 0.9x formated feeds with no problems because RSS 2.0 should be backward compatible with its previous revisions.

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FaceRSS is a simple JavaServer Faces (JSF) component that allows you to display news from specified RSS url source in one configurable tag. So, you can place your favorite news on your website in a very simple way. It uses rsslib4j and therefore supports RSS version 0.9x, 1.0, and 2.0 with Dublin Core and Syndication namespaces.

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Generic FeedParser interface and concrete implementations for Atom , FOAF, OPML and RSS. These FeedParser implementations are based on JDOM and Jaxen and is based around XPath and JDOM iteration.

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The RSS Reader provides a Java API and a graphical client by which feeds in the RSS format can be analyzed and displayed.

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Rome is a set of Atom/RSS Java utilities that make it easy to work in Java with most syndication formats. Today it accepts all flavors of RSS (0.90, 0.91, 0.92, 0.93, 0.94, 1.0 and 2.0) and Atom 0.3 feeds.

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curn is an extensible, cacheing RSS reader, written entirely in Java. Unlike many RSS readers, curn does not use a graphical user interface. It is a command-line utility, intended to be run periodically in the background by a command scheduler such as cron(8) (on Unix-like systems) or the Windows Scheduler Service (on Windows). It supports several output formats and will automatically email its results, if desired.

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