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nfraRED is a tool for monitoring performance of a J2EE application and diagnosing performance problems. InfraRED uses AOP to weave the performance monitoring code into the application. It comes with out of the box support for AspectJ & Aspectwerkz. Salient Features:

 * Fully non-intrusive. No coding required by developers.
 * Layer-wise performance statistics summary (Web, Session, JDBC etc).
 * API level detailed performance statistics.
 * Call tree views (like in other profiler tools).
 * JDBC API and SQL statistics.
 * Last invocation statistics.
 * Correlation of statistics across layers.
 * Support for centralised gathering and presentation of performance data for one or more applications in a cluster.
 * Remote or local collection of performance metrics.
 * User-friendly web GUI.
 * Simplified ant-based integration with application.
 * Support for multiple application servers
 * Weblogic
 * Jboss
 * Tomcat
 * Useful for applications with or without use of EJBs.
 * Export summary of performance statistics into Excel spreadsheets.
 * Very low overhead, Can be used in production environments.
 * Ability to save and reload snapshots.