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TomcatProbe is a real-time monitoring and management tool for Apache Tomcat. It is very easy to deploy and requires no modification to either Tomcat or running applications. Tomcatprobe allows real-time monitoring of deployed applications and their status, active http sessions and their attributes, datasources, their details and current usage. It also shows requests that are being executed, sizes of application footprints in memory, enables on-the-fly application deployment with JSP precompilation. System information view displays Java runtime version, graphical memory usage, OS information and system properties. "Quick check" options allows to check usage of all resources including all datasources, file handles and memory in one click.



A small and fast memory profiler for java/6 and later. TIJjmp uses C code to talk to the jvm and it uses swing to show the the tables of information. So tijmp is written in C (using jvmti and jni) and Java. TIJmp runs in the same jvm as the program being profiled. This means that it can easily get access to all things jvmti/jni has to offer.



MessAdmin is a notification system and Session administration for J2EE Web Applications, giving detailed statistics and informations on any Web application. It installs as a plug-in to any Java EE WebApp, and requires zero-code modification.



Profiler4j is a simple-to-use CPU profiler Java that supports remote profiling and on-the-fly configuration. Its main features are: (1) Based on dynamic bytecode instrumentation. (2) 100% Java. (3) No native library or executable is required. (4) It provides views with call graph, call tree, memory monitor, and class list. (5) Supports fine-grained configuration that can be easily tuned without restarting the profiled JVM. Only the methods you want to profile are instrumented.



Stopwatch is a free, simple, highly extensible, Java API that allows developers to easily monitor whole application or any part of it. By default Stopwatch generate reports about hits, execution times (total, average, minimum, maximum) as well as load but it can be easily extended to measure anything else by providing custom engine. Out of the box Stopwatch uses an in-memory HSQL database. It is able to persist collected data using a "storage". There is "storage" provided to persist into HSQL database and custom "storage" can be easily integrated.



nfraRED is a tool for monitoring performance of a J2EE application and diagnosing performance problems. InfraRED uses AOP to weave the performance monitoring code into the application. It comes with out of the box support for AspectJ & Aspectwerkz. Salient Features:

 * Fully non-intrusive. No coding required by developers.
 * Layer-wise performance statistics summary (Web, Session, JDBC etc).
 * API level detailed performance statistics.
 * Call tree views (like in other profiler tools).
 * JDBC API and SQL statistics.
 * Last invocation statistics.
 * Correlation of statistics across layers.
 * Support for centralised gathering and presentation of performance data for one or more applications in a cluster.
 * Remote or local collection of performance metrics.
 * User-friendly web GUI.
 * Simplified ant-based integration with application.
 * Support for multiple application servers
 * Weblogic
 * Jboss
 * Tomcat
 * Useful for applications with or without use of EJBs.
 * Export summary of performance statistics into Excel spreadsheets.
 * Very low overhead, Can be used in production environments.
 * Ability to save and reload snapshots.



A simple heap profiler for Java, based on JVMPI. The profiler can be attached to a non-interactive JVM, creating heap statistics from time to time.



JMeasurement is a free and simple java api for monitoring runtime and usage (count, parallel activation, last activation, deviation...) of user defined points in java production code. It an automatically monitor Interface methodes. There are renderers for text, csv and HTML. It is simple to use and extended.

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