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jPortlet is an open-sourced implementation of a Portlet Container. Portlets are components that run inside the portlet container of a portal server, similar to a servlet running on an application server. The interface between the container and the portlets is defined by the Portlet API.



Lutece is a portal engine which allows you to easily create your websites or intranets based upon HTML,XML.. content. Lutece provides a user friendly interface for portal management and therefore no specific technical skills are required. It provides also JSR168 and JSR170 support. It works with latest technologies such as Spring 2, Lucene2, Ehcache, FreeMarker, ....



basicPortal CMS (TM) is an Enterprise Information Portal (EIP) based entirely on open source software technology that enables users to develop standard and inexpensive, cross-platform web applications that are dynamic, flexible, and very fast.



jPorta is a fully functional portal engine built on top of the Jeenius Framework ( It works with any 2.3 compilant servlet engine and comes with a number of useful gadgets.



Kosmos stands for Komposite Open Source Monitoring Suite. Kosmos is a suite of software development project monitoring portlets, developed at JBoss Labs . The JSR-168-compliant portlets are backed by a server component, to track the evolution of various aspects: version control, issue tracker, continuous integration builds and project dependencies. It delivers an instant project state view in quasi-realtime .



Enterprise-class Portal Server open source project. This project is derived from the Sun Java System Portal Server 7 product. This project will expose Portal Server's mature and proven enterprise-class capabilities to the community and evolve it there through active participation from the community of developers, users, partners, and like-minded individuals.



Light is an AJAX- and Java-driven portal framework which can be seamless plugged in to any Java EE Web Application or as an independent Portal application. One of its unique features is that it can be turned on when users need to access their personalized portal and turned off when users want to do regular business processes.



MyPersonalizer is a J2EE-based framework for engineering personalizable "My" portals. It is structured according to the Model-View-Controller (MVC) architectural pattern, providing generic and adaptable model and controller layers. The model layer represents persistent objects (e.g. user registration information, workspace layout, service personalization, etc.) in a generic way and makes use of meta-information about their structure, handles their persistence in a relational database, includes a framework to execute model actions and provides a generic action for each typical use case in the portal (sign in, sign up, service personalization, layout modification, etc.). The controller layer is built upon Jakarta Struts, the "de facto" MVC framework for J2EE web applications and provides a Struts action per use case, that delegates on the corresponding model action. In order to support the construction of the portal view, rather than providing a large and specific JSP tag library, controller actions are tightly integrated with Struts, so that the developer can implement the portal view as JSP pages by using Struts and JSTL tags, without inserting Java code. Personalized service replies are integrated in the portal by providing plug-ins as extensions to the controller layer.

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