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"Pencil" is a log-message-compiler for java (keyword: generative programming). It takes bytecode produced by javac (or another java-compiler), transforms it and enriches it with real logging expressions. The main goal of the "Pencil" project is to provide a mechanism to make logging easy, safe and fast. To achieve this result, "Pencil" uses its own expression language developed with the ANTLR parser-generator. Features:

 * The Pencil log statements are more readable than usual log instructions.
 * Java source files with Pencil statements are shorter the java files with usual logging.
 * Pencils way to log forbids errors during the log process (no NullPointerExceptions, no unmeant business logic).
 * Pencil is based on commons logging. so yuo can use your favorite logging framework to log.
 * The modified bytecode is automaticaly enriched with isDebugEnabled() calls, to make the logging fast.