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Logging Libraries


MonoLog was designed to:

 * to standardize the instrumentation code
 * to support a component architecture
 * to allow an efficient implementation of logging
 * to abstract source code instrumentation from a specific implementation of logging
 * to support internationalisation
 * to support monitoring



JTraceDump provides a facility to keep a history of application processing steps in memory and dump it in case of an error. It is not a replacement, but an addition to trace- or debug-logging.



The Logging package is an ultra-thin bridge between different logging libraries. Commons components may use the Logging API to remove compile-time and run-time dependencies on any particular logging package, and contributors may write Log implementations for the library of their choice.



Log Bridge allows the abstraction of logging from a particular logging implementation. Log Bridge allows you to do this by providing a simple API that acts as a bridge from your library or component through to the logging package that the developers using your components choose. The features built into Log Bridge that are not readily available in other packages are: Tracing (entry and exit) is supported Programmatic control A simple API Less magic Built-in support for Simple Log Wide logging package support Log Bridge currently provides bridges to the following logging packages: Simple Log J2SE Logging Log4J IBM's Logging Toolkit for Java jLo Protomatter Syslog



SMTPHandler is a handler for the java.util.logging library. The handler sends LogRecord's via email using the Simple Mail Transfer Protocol.



LimpidLog is a revolutionary logging system which does not require any hard-code log statements. It records all important information about the execution of a class at runtime when the class is registered. A Swing manager can be used to dynamically register/deregister your applications. Logged data can be read by human, or read my LimpidDebugger which interprets the data presents it as source level debugging. LimpidLog is for J2EE standalone Java application. LimpidLog also supports Netbeans with GUI management as a Netbeans plug-in.


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