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Logging Libraries


qflog is a tool for displaying log messages which is built on top of the de.qfs.lib.log package



LN2 is a logging framework based on pattern matching for the logging process. It's designed loosely on Log4J, without binding categories to levels quite so tightly.



Collection of Ant tasks that let a build script issue custom messages and diagnostics to remote monitors (like Chainsaw) via Apache's Log4J framework.



Java debugging Agent (JDLabAgent) is a shared object library which can be loaded into the Java Virtual Machine via Java Virtual Machine Debug Interface (JVMDI). The JDLabAgent is controlled via configuration files and logs JVM events (e.g. breakpoints, exceptions).



A replacement for the system ClassLoader that instruments classes on load-time with tracing output statements.



jLo is a logging framework written in Java. It has some uniqiue features compared to other existing frameworks. List of features:

 * supports multiple log configurations
 * offers loggers, channels, filters and pipes
 * uses either a direct or asynchronous log processor (handle the logging in a separate thread
 * compataible to commons-logging
 * auto reload of the configuration if the file has changed
 * simple XML structure to configure jLo
 * supports filters to limit the output
 * supprts the use of variables in the configuration
 * supports the use of environment variables or java system properties
 * comes with mock objects for handler and formatter to be integrated into JUnit testcases for example
 * all testcases are included in the source distribution



JDBC Logger is a Java tool that intercepts and logs all database statements that use JDBC. It is intended for developers to monitor SQL statements generated by EJB, Hibernate or any other database access tool that doesn't display them.



"Pencil" is a log-message-compiler for java (keyword: generative programming). It takes bytecode produced by javac (or another java-compiler), transforms it and enriches it with real logging expressions. The main goal of the "Pencil" project is to provide a mechanism to make logging easy, safe and fast. To achieve this result, "Pencil" uses its own expression language developed with the ANTLR parser-generator. Features:

 * The Pencil log statements are more readable than usual log instructions.
 * Java source files with Pencil statements are shorter the java files with usual logging.
 * Pencils way to log forbids errors during the log process (no NullPointerExceptions, no unmeant business logic).
 * Pencil is based on commons logging. so yuo can use your favorite logging framework to log.
 * The modified bytecode is automaticaly enriched with isDebugEnabled() calls, to make the logging fast.

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