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Open Message Queue is the open source version of Sun Java System Message Queue. Open message queue is an enterprise quality, production ready, scalable messaging server. It provides a complete Java Message Service (JMS) implementation for message oriented system integration. In addition, Open MQ provides the additional enterprise features that are necessary for enterprise deployments, large and small. It gets its roots from Sun's Java Message Queue and provides all the features, functions and capabilities of the currently available licensed product: Java System Message Queue.



Swing UI allows you to interactively use and monitor JMS providers.



Presumo is an implementation of the Java Message Service API.



ActiveMQ is an open source, Apache 2.0 licenced Message Broker and JMS 1.1 implementation which integrates seamlessly into Geronimo, light weight containers and any Java application.



UberMQ is a clean room implementation of the Java Message Service specification. JMS is a part of the Java 2 Enterprise Edition. We wrote UberMQ because many of the established JMS vendors have turned their back on the core tenets of distributed computing: fast and simple. If you are frustrated with your current JMS vendor, or looking for a solid messaging platform for a new project, please consider our product.



Somnifugi is an implementation of JMS that works inside a single JVM to send JMS Messages between Threads.



OpenJMS is an open source implementation of Sun Microsystems's Java Message Service API 1.0.2 Specification. Features include:

 * Point-to-Point and publish-subscribe messaging models
 * Guaranteed delivery of messages
 * Synchronous and asynchronous message delivery
 * Persistence using JDBC
 * Local transactions
 * Message filtering using SQL92-like selectors
 * Authentication
 * Administration GUI
 * XML-based configuration files
 * In-memory and database garbage collection
 * Automatic client disconnection detection
 * Applet support
 * Integrates with Servlet containers such as Jakarta Tomcat
 * Support for RMI, TCP, HTTP and SSL protocol stacks
 * Support for large numbers of destinations and subscribers



MantaRay is an Open Source serverless messaging fabric, based on peer-2-peer technology, and 100% pure Java. Features include: - Publish/subscribe (topic) and Point-to-point (queue) messaging services - Support for JMS 1.1 and 1.02 - Automatic discovery - Guaranteed message delivery - Persistent/non-persistent and durable messages - Security - Transactions support - Message filtering using selectors - Integration with WebLogic and WebSphere - TCP, UDP and HTTP transport protocols

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