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Midleware abstraction layer providing foundation for rapid development and smooth integration of open subsystems.

 * Data model, persistence, business logic, web user interface and desktop application (thick client) framework framework usable as simple Java classes (POJOs) or within J2EE application server
 * Persistence layer architecture and implementation ensuring optimistic locking preventing concurrent data modification and unique data id generation and timestamp maintenance directly by a database
 * Default persistence layer implementation using pure JDBC for high performance, low overhead and easy portability.
 * Database schema definition, maintenance and versioning
 * Database connectivity, connection pooling, transaction management
 * Framework and patterns for data access and modification
 * Utilities for context propagation, asynchronous executions, encryption, transactional file manipulation
 * Web user interface framework, page inheritance, layout definition, security
 * Desktop application (Thick client) framework with default implementation using SWT
 * Database support for DB2, HSQLDB, MaxDB, MS SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, SAP DB, Sybase ASE
 * Connection pool support for Commons-DBCP, C3P0, Proxool, XAPool and J2EE datasources
 * Transaction manager support for JOTM, J2EE transaction managers and custom in-JVM transaction manager
 * J2EE application server support for JBoss, JOnAS, WebLogic, WebSphere