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J2EE Frameworks


JAG is an application that creates complete, working J2EE applications. It is intended to alleviate much of the repetitive work involved in creating such applications, while providing a means of quality assurance that the applications created will be of consistent quality. The projects generated by JAG have the following features:

 * The generated applications build with Apache Ant
 * EJB and Hibernate features such as relations
 * J2EE 'BluePrint' patterns such as Session Facade, Service Locator, Business Delegate, Fast Lane Reader and Value Objects.
 * A pluggable service tier: ServiceLocator or Spring Framework.
 * A pluggable business/persistence tier: EJB2/3 or Hibernate 2/3
 * Tapestry 4 presentation-layer for a component based web tier using java 5 annotations
 * Webservices using XFire or Axis
 * Acegi security login
 * JasperReports PDF reports
 * A presentation layer (web application) that takes advantage of the latest features of Struts
 * Extensive use of Java 5 Annotations or XDoclet in the generated application



GlassFish is the name for the open source development project for bulding a Java EE 5 application server. It is based on the source code for Sun Java System Application Server PE 9 donated by Sun Microsystems and TopLink persistence code donated by Oracle. This project provides a structured process for developing a high quality application server that makes new features available faster than ever before. It is the response to Java developers who want access to the source code and the ability to contribute to the development of Sun's next generation application server which is based on GlassFish. This project is designed to encourage communication between Sun and Oracle engineers and the community and will enable all developers to participate in the application server development process.


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