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The goal of the Scarab project is to build an Artifact tracking system that has the following features:

 * A full feature set similar to those found in other Artifact tracking systems: data entry, queries, reports, notifications to interested parties, collaborative accumulation of comments, dependency tracking
 * In addition to the standard features, Scarab has fully customizable and unlimited numbers of Modules (your various projects), Artifact types (Defect, Enhancement, Requirement, etc), Attributes (Operating System, Status, Priority, etc), Attribute options (P1, P2, P3) which can all be defined on a per Module basis so that each of your modules is configured for your specific tracking requirements.
 * Built using Java Servlet technology for speed, scalability, maintainability, and ease of installation.
 * Import/Export ability via XML allowing for easy migration from other systems (e.g. Bugzilla).
 * Modular code design that allows manageable modifications of existing and new features over time.
 * Fully customizable through a set of administrative pages.
 * Easily modified UI look and feel.
 * Can be integrated into larger systems by re-implementing key interfaces.
 * Is a ready to use issue management system