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Lift Off Java Installer is an installer for Java applications. Highlights are self-extracting class files, minimal requirements for the Java installation on the target system, and cross platform installation.



VAInstall is a multi-platform installer written in Java. It is distributed under the GNU GPL License 2. Through a simple config file, it allows the packager to pick files and directories from various places on disk, and not only one root dir like other installers. The packager can completely reorganize the files and dirs on the destination host. He can choose the install mode for the destination host (graphic, xtra, text or ansi).



A simple package to build self installating programs in Java. The process is script driven, the result is a unique JAR file that the user can double click to execute a wizard-like installation process.



Packlet is a simple installer tool for Java. A packlet is similar to a zip or tgz file: it packages an application into a single compressed file that can be distributed. Packlet files are Java class files that can be executed on any machine with Java 2 Runtime Environment installed. Executing a packlet brings up an installer gui to configure and unpack the application.



FreeInstaller is an Open Source installer program written in Java. It has a self extracting class file, is able to install Java and non-Java software on UNIX, LINUX and Windows NT.



Antigen (Ant Installer Generator) is a tool to take an Ant build script, combine it with a GUI and wrap it up as an executable jar file. Its primary purpose is to create powerful graphical installers from Ant scripts.



The Wrapper makes it possible to install a Java Application as a Windows NT Service. The scripts provided with the Wrapper also make it very easy to install those same Java Applications as daemon processes on UNIX systems. The Wrapper correctly handles user log outs under Windows, service dependencies, and the ability to run services which interact with the desktop.



JSmooth is a Java Executable Wrapper that makes a standard Windows executable binary (.exe) from a jar file. It makes java deployment much smoother and user-friendly, as it is able to find a Java VM by itself. When no VM is available, it provides feed-back to the users, and can launch the default web browser to an URL that explains how to download a Java VM. Note: NOT COMPLETELY WRITTEN IN JAVA

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