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A free Java library and extensible framework for mapping, parsing and unmarshalling CSV file contents into Plain Old Java Objects. It provides Xdoclet support for easy and painless mapping of CSV records to Java Objects. The library requires J2SE 1.5

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Gemini is a very simple-to-use non-intrusive Java framework that seamlessly enables bidirectional relationships between plain old Java objects (POJO). It helps developers to write simpler code to implement rich domain models by eliminating the need to manually check referential integrity and take care of updating the opposite property of a relationship (both simple and container properties). Gemini is available under dual license:

 * General Public License (GPL) - if you use this version of Gemini you must release your code under GPL
 * Commercial license - if our GPL version of Gemini does not serve your needs (mostly intended for commercial software developers)

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GDAPI is a simple java api for access desktop search from any other java application. Google Desktop Search is a desktop search application that provides full text search over your email, computer files, chats and web pages you've viewed.

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Sha4J is one class implementation of SHA-1, SHA-224, SHA-256, SHA-384 and SHA-512 algorithms. Sha4J calculates hash from an inputstream and it can be used with any inputstream from strings to serial interfaces.

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The Thought River Commons is a collection of utilities and other nifty code items developed by Thought River North and Thought River South for use in our various internal projects, and made available for public use. Most experienced developers know that over time, the same needs are often encountered again and again. We wrote the Thought River Commons to satisfy those sorts of needs, and we figured that some other developers out there might make use of it, as well.

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Set of core libraries for Java, inspired by dynamic languages like Ruby and Python.

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CSVBeans is an object/csv mapping library that helps to build or parse CSV files in Java. There is no dependency on the library when creating your Java beans: you only work with POJOs. Its design allows to create your own parsers or builders if needed.

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JEgg provides an implementation for Java Active Objects that simplifies the development of multithreaded Java applications. JEgg objects interact using arbitrary messages rather than synchronous method invocations. It can be configured to execute on the same or separate threads without changing the application logic, and it does not require the explicit use of Java synchronization or the java.lang.Thread class. Consequently, application objects are highly cohesive and loosely coupled with no compile-time dependencies.

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Although the ZIP file format it is a proprietary, de-facto standard by PKWARE Inc., ZIP files are ubiquitous on the Internet and thus on many platforms today. The J2SE API provides a well known package with classes like ZipInputStream, ZipOutputStream and ZipFile for easy access to ZIP compatible files. However, this package has some limitations/disadvantages:

 * Sun's implementation uses the character set UTF-8 (eight bit Unicode character set) for entry names and comments instead of CP437 (the genuine IBM-PC character set) as used by the de-facto standard PKZIP from PKWARE. As a result, you cannot read or write ZIP files with international entry file names such as "t?cht.txt" in a ZIP file created by a (southern) German.
 * You need to use an additional API (the package if your application needs to support ZIP compatible files in addition to ordinary files and directories, thereby significantly inflating your code and adding unnecessary complexity (which adds bugs, bugs, and even more bugs).
 * You can either read or completely write ZIP compatible files, but you cannot just update individual entries.
 * The classes do not support the concept of a directory, which you may want to create, modify, list or delete.
 * You cannot browse a ZIP compatible file with a JFileChooser or FileSystemView. The TrueZIP Library has been developed to overcome these limitations/disadvantages.

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Enhydra Octopus is a Java-based Extraction, Transformation, and Loading (ETL) tool. It may connect to any JDBC data sources and perform transformations defined in an XML file.

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