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Eclipse Plugins


It is free eclipse plugin for faster java development. It can help you code faster in a spring based application. It is capable of :

 * Automatically create DAO to Service and Service to Action, e.g. FooDAO to FooService and FooService to FooAction.
 * Automatically create one DAO to another with different name, e.g. FooDAO (with methods getFoo, saveFoo) to BarDAO (with methods getBar, saveBar).
 * Also create spring based configurations.
 * Easily navigate from DAO to Service and Service to DAO.
 * Easily navigate from hibernate pojos to .hbm files.
 * Easily create List, ArrayList, Map, HashMap initializers or fields in a class.
 * Easily copy a field, just highlight and right click, go inside Fast Code pop up menu and click 'Copy Field'
 * You can highlight part of the field name also.
 * Some of the features can be turned off/on or configured in Windows->Preference->Fast Code Preference.



Spring IDE is a graphical user interface for the configuration files used by the Spring Framework. Spring IDE provides the following features:

 * Project nature which supports a list of Spring bean config files and sets of bean config files (aka beans config sets)
 * Incremental builder which validates all modified Spring bean config files defined in a Spring project
 * View which displays a tree with all Spring projects and their Spring bean config files
 * Image decorator which decorates all Spring projects, their bean config files and all Java classes which are used as bean classes
 * Graph which shows all beans (and their relationships) defined in a single config file or a config set
 * XML editor for Spring beans configuration files
 * Extension of Eclipse's search facility to search for beans defined in the BeansCoreModel
 * Wizard for creating a new Spring project
 * Content contribution to Eclipse's ProjectExplorer with Spring artefacts



EclEmma is a free Java code coverage tool for Eclipse, available under the Eclipse Public License. Internally it is based on the great EMMA Java code coverage tool, trying to adopt EMMA's philosophy for the Eclipse workbench.



X-Ray is an open-source software visualization plug-in for the Eclipse framework. Software designers use visualization tools in order to raise the level of abstraction and reduce the amount of information to the one needed. Most of these tools are stand-alone programs, that force the user to switch between different windows and contexts. This context switch represents a problem, being time consuming and forcing the user to download, install and use, tools or systems external to his favorite code editor. X-Ray provides System Complexity View, Class Dependency View and Package Dependency View directly inside Eclipse.



Argus is a highly integrated Eclipse plug-in. The purpose of this plug-in is to add additional Errors and Warnings to the Eclipse Framework, assisting Java programmers to create bug free, high quality code. Obvious problems such as syntax errors are already detected by the Java compiler, and therefore will not be checked by Argus Codewatch. Instead, the plug-in tries to detect bad coding practices (such as unconditional loops) or violations of contract (such as when overriding Object.equals()). This plug-in also provides a framework for adding new checks. This allows developers to easily add new checks as they see fit, or to provide quickfixes to existing checks.