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jiql is a Java database for Cloud computing. The database is accessed via a jdbc client. The data is actually stored in a cloud-based data store, such as Google's BigTable. The fact is Google App Engine at present only supports python. Java programmers need not be excluded, as jiql provides a way to at least utilize Google's BigTable. By uploading the jiql python controller ( to Google App Engine (GAE), the acts as a gateway between the jiql database engine and Google's BigTable (GBT). So a Java application, using standard JDBC calls to the jiql JDBC client, is able to store critical data in GBT. As the DataStore sits in the cloud, you essentially have a solution for distributed database access. Thus, although you may not be able to host a JAVA program on GAE, you can still use the Data Store, which is probably the most important aspect of cloud-computing - that is scalability and high availability.