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Content Management Systems (CMS)


Corinis CCM is a Java-based, open-source content and community management system. It combines all the power of a professional content management solution (WYSIWIG editing, versioning, role-based QA, and more) with the flexibility and ease of use of a web community framework. The system's modular design encourages the development of reusable extensions (like the included forum, voting or photo album modules), while the carefully designed framework, the Java codebase and the extensive use of XML for data formats guarantee interoperability. Building your Intra- or Internet presence with Corinis CCM will reduce costs, required skill levels and time to market while giving you the confidence of having chosen a dependable and open development platform.



An easy to use and feature rich Java based Open Sourced content management and e-commerce system. Jada Site not only allow users to maintain content with ease, it help sites and companies to market and sell their products. Jada Site has the following advantages.

 * Free open source software.
 * Can be installed "out of the box" without customization.
 * Easy to use web interface.
 * Runs on Java technology, a mature, highly scalable platform with excellent options for integration.
 * Multi-site supports.
 * Plug and play template system.
 * Inventory control.
 * Supports PayPal and other credit card payment gateways.
 * Customer self service center.
 * and many more....



Java JSP based SiteEditor, CMS, list generator software. It Includes: Modules, XML config, Struts, own API, Components, WYSIWYG, multilanguage, multiuser, webbased manager.



A design-friendly web content management system. Features include an inline WYSIWYG editor, file management, multi-site support and automated navigations.



Hippo CMS is an open source information centered content management system. It's targetted at medium to large organisations managing content for multi-channel distribution like websites and intranets. It facilitates an open and flexible way of using your information by following international accepted open standards. Hippo CMS is user friendly, has an open architecture and is designed for interoperability with existing environments. Hippo CMS is built to integrate external sources of content into one. Therefore, it uses all relevant open standards to allow this integration. For many existing sources, connectors are available in the codebase. The open architecture of Hippo CMS has the following advantages:

 * Availability in the open source
 * Works with open standards
 * Reuse of content
 * Separation of content, design, logic and the CMS system itself.
 * User friendly user interface
 * Native XML, 100 % JAVA
 * No vendor lock-in The Hippo CMS project was initiated and is maintained by Hippo CMS is based on several proven open source projects, mainly from the Apache Software foundation.



Alfresco is an open source enterprise content management repository and portlets (CMS) built by a team that includes the co-founder of Documentum. Its modular architecture uses the latest open src Java technologies: Spring, Hibernate, Lucene and JSF.



GeiNuke is CMS written in Java, it supports HSQLDB and MySql, it is stable simple and scalable. Its configuration is very easy, it uses iBatis for the persistence layer and Spring + Caucho Hessian for Scalability features. For MVC layer it uses Velocity, at this time he has 5 themes.



The ion project is an effort to provide a very simple but powerful content management system based on the most recents technologies. Ion is 100% compliant with J2EE standards, uses XML to define contents structures, XSL to provide rendered contents in many format (HTML, XML, PDF, TXT, ...), and JSP with JSTL as a template system.

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