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Collections Libraries


Commons-Collections seek to build upon the JDK classes by providing new interfaces, implementations and utilities. There are many features, including:

 * Bag interface for collections that have a number of copies of each object
 * Buffer interface for collections that have a well defined removal order, like FIFOs
 * BidiMap interface for maps that can be looked up from value to key as well and key to value
 * MapIterator interface to provide simple and quick iteration over maps
 * Type checking decorators to ensure that only instances of a certain type can be added
 * Transforming decorators that alter each object as it is added to the collection
 * Composite collections that make multiple collections look like one
 * Ordered maps and sets that retain the order elements are added in, including an LRU based map
 * Identity map that compares objects based on their identity (==) instead of the equals method
 * Reference map that allows keys and/or values to be garbage collected under close control
 * Many comparator implementations
 * Many iterator implementations
 * Adapter classes from array and enumerations to collections
 * Utilities to test or create typical set-theory properties of collections such as union, intersection, and closure


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