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Simple java captcha

The purpose of the simple java captcha project is to make it easy to generate good-looking captchas with a minimum of programming and preferably little configuration.

SimpleCaptcha is an open Source Java implementation for captcha creation. Integration is left to the developers of the individual projects because I don't (want) to know your implementations...

an example:

With the initial drop on source forge the simplecaptcha implementation can render different jpeg captchas with 

  • background colors
  • background gradient fill colors
  • fonts (2 default and limited to the amount of font's on your system)
  • font color
  • random character generator (characters can be configured)
  • first name generator (5000 + first Names)
  • optional border around the captcha
  • border color (defaults to black)
  • border thinness (defaults to one)

with the second drop there is:

  • a new distortion algorithm (shadowgimpyImp)
  • a Chinese captcha
  • somewhat more documentation

with the third drop there was:

  • a new distortion algorithm (FishEye).
  • improvements to the default captcha

some more examples:

firstname java captcha Image generated with the fiveletterFirstName generator.
Image generated with random character generator with 6 chars per captcha
same but with different font and background colors
or with the ShadowGimpyImp
chinese java captcha with a simplified Chinese word producer
FishEye distrotion applied to captcha


JCAPTCHA stands for Java Completely Automated Public Test to tell Computers and Humans Apart
The open source java framework for captcha definition and integration.

Some Examples:

BaffleListGimpyEngineCaptcha BaffleListGimpyEngineCaptcha BaffleListGimpyEngineCaptcha
BasicListGimpyEngineCaptcha BasicListGimpyEngineCaptcha BasicListGimpyEngineCaptcha
DefaultGimpyEngineCaptcha DefaultGimpyEngineCaptcha DefaultGimpyEngineCaptcha
DeformedBaffleListGimpyEngineCaptcha DeformedBaffleListGimpyEngineCaptcha DeformedBaffleListGimpyEngineCaptcha
SimpleListImageCaptchaEngineCaptcha SimpleListImageCaptchaEngineCaptcha SimpleListImageCaptchaEngineCaptcha
SimpleFishEyeEngineCaptcha SimpleFishEyeEngineCaptcha SimpleFishEyeEngineCaptcha