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JBoss-AOP allows you to apply interceptor technology and patterns to plain Java classes and Dynamic Proxies. It includes:

 * Java Class Interception. Field, constructor, and method interception, public, private, protected, and package protected, static and class members.
 * Fully compositional pointcuts caller side for methods and constructors, control flow, annotations.
 * Aspect classes Advices can be incapsulated in scoped Java classes
 * Hot-Deploy. Interceptors can be deployed, undeployed, and redeployed at runtime for both dynamic proxies and classes.(working)
 * Introductions. The ability to add any arbitrary interface to a Java class. Either an interceptor or a 'mixin' class can service method calls for the attached interfaces.
 * Dynamic Proxies. The ability to define a dynamic proxy and an interceptor chain for it. Proxies can either be created from an existing class, or from a set of interfaces ala java.lang.reflect.Proxy.
 * Metadata and Attribute Programming. The ability to define and attach metadata configuration to your classes or dynamic proxies. Interceptors can be triggered when metadata is added to a class. We also have Metadata Chains, the ability to define defaults at the cluster and application level, as well as the ability to override configuration at runtime for a specific method call.
 * Dynamic AOP. All aspected objects can be typecasted to an AOP api. You can do things like add/remove new interceptors to a specific instance or add/remove instance configuration/metadata at runtime.